September 23, 2023

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Why Internet Success Is Dependent On Your Online Business Model – Choose Wisely!

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Have you every wondered why some people succeed with their Online business while others don’t and struggle along? Well I believe the answer is three-fold.

#1 They don’t have a business head on and don’t have the determination to succeed;

#2 They have chosen the wrong Online business model as it doesn’t suit their personality or lifestyle; and

#3 They are not focusing their promotion efforts in the right places.

Of course there will be other underlying reasons within those three, but for the sake of the length of this article, we’ll just go over the three basic ones.

How am I qualified to answer these? Because I’ve been guilty of all three on numerous occasions over the years and they are a trap which about 99% of us fall into while trying to make a living Online.

So here is my take on why so many people fail.

1) Where’s Your Head At?

If you really want to make a living on the Internet, then start thinking like a business person and treat this as a business. I know it’s so easy not to, simply because you haven’t forked out $100K on your business like you would in the offline world.

Nevertheless, if you want to make $2-5,000 a month Online, then surely this sum of money warrants a bit of respect and dedication from you.

2) Your Chosen Online Business Model

It’s not very often that when a new person tries to make a decent income Online that they choose the right business model for them with their first shot. There are so many ways to make money Online, how can we possibly know what works best for us, suits our personality and our lifestyle?

This is what let me down big style! But over the years I have tried most of the business models from blogging, to direct email marketing to building large content sites to an eBay business and a few more thrown in for good measure!

I’ve finally settled on large content sites as I can build my pages in my own time and manner without the added pressure of blogging for example when you really should make useful daily blog posts.

I suggest you sit down with a pen and paper and write down what you like and dislike about each Online business model and then place the good points down too. Think about what you will enjoy doing and most importantly, what fits around your personal lifestyle.

3) What Promotional Activities Do You Enjoy?

This point is similar to no. 2 above in that you need to choose a marketing technique which you will enjoy doing. I can remember when I went through my blogging days I was following a course which outlined that I MUST do social marketing to promote my blog. Well, I done what they said religiously for a few months, wasn’t very good at it and quite frankly was bored to tears.

Consequently, I ended up throwing the towel in with both the social marketing and my blog – neither of those were for me. I found social marketing far too time-consuming with little results to show for all my hard work.

However, I know that there are many people who are very successful with promoting their business with social marketing, as it obviously suits their personality (like to integrate with others) and they enjoy doing it – just not for me though!

And this is exactly what I mean by choosing both an Online business model and a marketing technique (or two or three) which you enjoy doing. This way your Online business venture will have the potential to last and be successful which is more than the other 99% of people Online are doing.

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