September 23, 2023

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Play Old School Games Like "Samurai Showdown" on Your PSP

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Sony’s PSP is a great handheld device. The games available for it might not be a very large one (without Homebrew), but what it lacks on that, more than makes up for it in media capabilities. It’s an all entertainment system packed inside a single portable unit. I would say it is the best handheld in the world today.

I have compared using my PSP versus using my brother’s Nintendo DS. I came up with this conclusion: Lets say that I’m going on vacation, have my PSP, I can listen to mp3 files through my PSP music. I could play a game if I feel like it. I could watch a movie, or video clip. Show my loaded pictures to friends. I could read a magazine or even the Bible through the browser. The Nintendo DS is just limited to playing games.

If you go get a PSP at your local electronic store, you will be able to do all the mentioned above. I have had my PSP for about 3 years and I remember that the usage I gave my PSP was o.k. But then, found out that not all PSPs can do the same things. Everyone on the internet kept talking about Homebrew. According to Wikipedia Homebrew is a term frequently applied only to video games that are produced by consumers on proprietary game platforms. Well I did my research and found out that I had not unlocked the true gaming potential of my PSP. Now I do believe that if I count the games the PSP can hold, it would be the largest list, beating any other game console out there. Why? Because the PSP can emulate so many other consoles, for example NES, SNES, SEGA GENESIS, MASTER SYSTEM, GAMEBOY, NEO GEO, and much, much more.

Installing the latest custom firmware will let you run Homebrew on your PSP. What this means is that you will be able to emulate many game consoles of the past like mentioned and download games that are design to only run on the PSP. This is all possible by just acquiring a memory card, since this will all reside in memory. I recommend getting a 4GB or 8GB memory card, so there will be lots of space for games, movies, video clips, pictures, music and more extra content. The usage I give my PSP now is much more than it used to be before knowing about Homebrew. I have nearly 100 games on it, plus all my media needs.

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