September 23, 2023

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Vs Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

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Two days ago I received an email from someone in my downline asking how she could gain more traffic to her website for free. She also asked how effective these free strategies would be, compared to paid advertising.

Well, this is a popular question posed by many in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any type of similar business. We all know this is a numbers game, so the more targeted traffic you get to your website, the more you will convert, and the more money you will ultimately make. Let me start by answering the second question first.

Free marketing strategies I believe, are just as good as paid marketing, if not better. For example, when you are searching for information online, you go to Google and type in a phrase. The results you get back are divided into two parts, organic results and paid Advertising. The organic results are listed on the left hand side, listing 1-10 websites that Google felt best matched the phrase that you typed. On the far right you will see the paid advertising, which people pay-per-click (PPC) to have their site advertised.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I do searches online, I always look at the Organic Results first before even looking at the Paid Results, and most people do the same. So if you are wanting to get highly target traffic for free, you would want to get your website in the Organic Results. The problem is, in order to get your website ranked high, there are many things you must do, and it honestly can be time consuming. Things like Optimizing your websites content, getting backlinks to your site, making sure you have the right keyword density, and many other things. Because of this many marketers choose to skip this hassle and simply opt to do Google’s pay per click marketing.

What is pay per click marketing (PPC)? PPC is when you tell Google exactly how much you want to be charged every time your advertisement is clicked. The higher number that you set to be charged, the higher your website will be ranked. If you only request to be charged a very small amount, your Paid Advertising may not give you the results you desire. The benefit of PPC marketing is that it takes a very small amount of time to get up and running, but the flipside is, if you don’t do your homework and choose the right keywords or charges, you could end up losing TONS of money…FAST! PPC is not something I advise new network marketers who don’t have a lot of experience.

I believe if you want to really make a long lasting impact marketing online, I suggest you learn as much as you can about search engine optimization, so you can get your website ranked high in Google’s organic listing. It can be frustrating and may take some time, but once you get there, you’ll reap the benefits of all your hard work. Trust me.

BUT, to all the network marketers who choose to skip this route (not recommended) there are several PPC networks, in addition to GOOGLE where you can pay out of pocket for advertising.

Once again, I advise everyone to do their research before jumping in head first. If you can find a balance between SEO and PPC, you’ll not only get more leads than your competition, but you will grow your business faster than you thought possible.

There are many more ways to get free traffic, which I will get into more detail in later articles. You can also click my link below and learn how to start boosting your traffic and sales today!

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