September 23, 2023

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Multiboxing For a Varied Gaming Experience

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Are you a gaming freak who loves to spend time with his video games and play stations? If you are you must have heard of multiboxing. It is the term used to describe a situation where one particular user can play from several accounts at the same time. You can play from multiple accounts simultaneously from a single computer or more than one computer. No matter whether you are using PC or Mac you can take the advantage of this. Even if you are using both Mac and PC simultaneously, then too this option works for you.

So what is the software you will need if you are interested in mulitboxing? The most important thing required is a copy of War of Worldcraft for each of the accounts that you intend to play from. If you are interested in the Burning crusade, Draenei or the Blood elf then along with the World of Warcraft you will be requiring different expansion copies for each of the accounts.

You may also need to install additional software. However, installing additional software will solely depend on whether you want to operate from one or multiple machines. If you want to use several computers additional software becomes a necessity.

The second requirement for mulitboxing is a software that effectively broadcasts the masterstrokes or the keystrokes from one copy of the game to the other. The broadcasting software will send the applications from one copy to another irrespective of whether you are using a single PC or several of them. However, if you think the effects of the keystrokes will also be broadcasted then you are mistaken. This software will only broadcast the keystrokes and not the effects like the complex macro. If you are using the PC you can opt for the AutoHot key that transfers the strokes to several accounts on the same machine. This however, will not work in case of Mac.

A really good management program for multiboxing is Pwnboxer. It provides all the essential functions like mouse and key broadcasting, window management, processor affinity and macro generation. The chief trait of this program is the configuration. The configuration interface will allow you to think not only in terms of the technical aspect but in terms of the actions of the games. If you are playing a character that requires casting various spells GCP will make that possible. It also comes with a graphics editor for spell rotation for more complex situations. Even if you have no knowledge about key broadcasting and macro creation you can deftly use this program.

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