September 23, 2023

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Keyword Analysis Research is Vital to Successful Search Engine Marketing

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One of the first orders of business to consider in launching a website is to conduct keyword analysis research. The keywords that are included in your content help the search engines decide what your page is about, and if it relates to the search terms. This enables the search engines to give relevant results to their users, which will also rank your site higher if your site gives relevant information, and thus makes the searching process beneficial for all involved.

When you conduct your keyword analysis research, you will have a choice of two options. First you can use the free tools that are available. The other option is to opt for those tools that cost a little bit. Which you use depends on how important your rankings are to you, and of course, your budget at the time.

If you want to use free tools, this is a fine way to go. The fact is that these tools generate “linear results.” That is to say, the keywords you input will usually only give you results relevant to these specific keywords.

Let’s say you input “dog” into such a tool – you will be given different variants of the word “dog.” As an example, another related term would be the word, “puppy.” This won’t display as a result in most of the free tools, but in some it might. What you’ll discover is that if you want to conduct a search for “dog” and also for “puppy,” you will need to conduct two searches.

The obvious advantage of the free tools is simply that they won’t cost you. There are also disadvantages to be sure, as indicated. Missing keywords that are related to your search terms is a big disadvantage and potential loss of profit, due to the linear output. Synonym results are usually only 1 term deep, so if you want to search the related terms to the synonym, the search could take hours. There are better ways to conduct keyword analysis research.

The other option would be to buy your keyword research software, to expedite this process. Many of these tools, the better ones, are non-linear in their approach. They will look deeply into a keyword, and will generate related terms that you may not have considered, or may not have heard of before using the term. These paid tools will help you to uncover really low-compete, high-search phrases, and that’s where the money is to be made.

Arguably, you get what you pay for in keyword analysis research. If you use a free tool, you won’t turn up as many related terms as with the paid tools. You can save countless hours of research time, all the while finding keywords that are related to your site. The downside to the paid tools is simply the initial investment. If you want to generate traffic to your site, you’ll need to consider buying one of these tools. Leverage your time and money by getting a tool that will pay for itself in spades.

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